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School Emergency Management

A Practical Approach to Implementation

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School Safety

Each school day more than one-fifth of the US population is at a school. No other American Institution holds this type of captive population -- our schools should be the safest environment when a natural or man-made disaster occurs.


Save Lives

Effective emergency management saves lives.  We owe our students and staff the infrastructure and emergency preparations for a safer school environment.


School Preparedness

No emergency plan will help a school administrator unless faculty and staff understand the plan, practice the plan, and are able to effectively and naturally process the plan in an emergency situation.


Standardize Your Plans

Emergency plans must be standardized for all possible hazards and must address the four key principles of emergency management: Prevention/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.


Get Federal Funding

The federal government requires district compliance with the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System.  Administrators must be compliant.  Failure to comply  puts faculty, staff and students at risk and jeopardizes federal emergency funding.


Avoid Lawsuits

Did you know that school employees are recognized as disaster service workers under certain circumstances?  Failure to properly train and prepare faculty and staff may result in civil litigation, including monetary judgments, against the school district and administrators personally.


Emergency Management

A school administrator who has not received professional training puts students' and faculty lives at risk. Effective emergency management saves lives but you must take action. Order School Emergency Management, plan to register for the 2017 School Safety Conference, and contact our school safety professionals today at 775-233-8317 for a free consultation.


School Safety Operations

School Safety Operations is a dedicated team of school safety and tactical law enforcement professionals with over 100 collective years experience. Let's work together to ensure your schools, administrators, faculty and campuses are both compliant and thoroughly prepared for the inevitable.

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