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D4 TRAINING Workshop

Our Program - 8 Hours of Tactical Training

Tactical Response Training for schools, hospitals, businesses, and places of worship

D4's training programs are unique. We leverage over 80 years' combined law enforcement experience to provide our clients a proactive approach for preventing violent incidents and maximizing survivability. Will you survive a terrorist attack, domestic violence, workplace violence, or an active assailant attack?


Our program provides clients the skills and tools necessary for early identification of risks and target hardening to keep violent offenders out of a building while mitigating their ability to move freely.  Our thoughtfully planned safe rooms quickly lock down to safeguard the innocent until law enforcement arrives.


What Actions Are Best for You?

When to run from a threat to safety is a critical life-saving consideration. While escape may be the right approach for some businesses, is it the right response in a classroom or care facility?  Our professional training provides for a practical and customized response for your facility.


Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

Our TECC training is customized for your group's experience level and is designed to save lives post-incident when people are injured.


Invest in this one-day training session to learn the skills that may save your life and the lives of others.

Meet Your Mentors...

Over 80 years combined experience training for safer schools, hospitals, businesses, and places of worship

Jeff Kaye

Jeff recently retired as the Director of Public Safety for the Desert Sands Unified School District in La Quinta, CA.


He has served 25 years in undercover and tactical operations for law enforcement and was a sergeant for the Reno, NV police department.  Jeff specializes as a law enforcement and school safety liaison, having consulted on numerous recent high profile school tragedies.


He researched and authored School Emergency Management – A Practical Approach to Implementation.


Jeff currently serves as President, Project Manager, and is the Lead Trainer & Consultant for both School Safety Operations, Inc. and D4Training.

Bruce Kirby

Bruce served as a supervisor for the US State Department, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement since 2011.  He served as a liaison with domestic and foreign governments, consulting for law enforcement and community development programs at the Kurdistan Ministry of Interior in Iraq and the Beirut Police Services Division in Beirut, Lebanon.  Bruce has authored numerous training protocols for law enforcement development as well as critical incident management both in the United States and on foreign soil.


Bruce retired from the Reno, NV Police Department as a Lieutenant in 2011 after 21 years of service.  He has participated in and managed multi-jurisdictional federal, state and local law enforcement units and completed both the Senior Management Institute curriculum for police and training with the Department of Homeland Security.


In addition to his invaluable participation with School Safety Ops, Inc., Bruce is also the owner and President of Kirby Consulting International, LLC.


Robert Marti


Robert is a Colorado State Certified Science Teacher at an alternative high school for at risk students in Castle Rock Colorado and has worked in public schools since 2004.


He is also the team leader for building security and crisis emergencies.


Prior to teaching, he served 13 years with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as a highly trained tactical law enforcement officer and teacher/trainer.


Robert has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement and education and has received numerous awards for his work in both fields.


Robert is a subject matter expert in tactics, techniques, and protocols used in crisis incidents and has a diverse training background in school and workplace safety.


His presentation: “Who's Responsibility Is It?” will leave attendees with one thought in mind: "Get actively involved in school and workplace safety."

How may we be of service?

You may call us at 775-233-8317 or email: jeff@schoolsafetyops.com

School Safety Operations

School Safety Operations is a dedicated team of school safety and tactical law enforcement professionals with over 100 collective years experience. Let's work together to ensure your schools, administrators, faculty and campuses are both compliant and thoroughly prepared for the inevitable.

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D4 TRAINING Workshop

D4 TRAINING Workshop

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