Briding the Gaps in School Safety

Bruce Kirby

About Bruce Kirby

Bruce Kirby stands as a pivotal figure at School Safety Operations Inc., where he excels in his roles as a Lead Project Consultant and Trainer. His tenure with the organization began in November 2012, marking the start of a significant phase in his career dedicated to enhancing school safety protocols and training programs.

International Expertise

Prior to joining School Safety Operations Inc., Bruce lent his expertise to the U.S. State Department’s International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau. In this capacity, he served as a Senior Police Advisor, a role that saw him stationed in the Kurdistan area of Iraq. Here, Bruce was instrumental in providing comprehensive training to local law enforcement agencies, a testament to his commitment to fostering global security and law enforcement proficiency.

Law Enforcement Background

Bruce embarked on his law enforcement journey in 1982, initially serving as a Deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. His career spanned nine years in this role, after which he transitioned to the Reno, NV, Police Department. Bruce’s dedication and exemplary service led him to retire at the rank of Lieutenant in 2011, culminating a 21-year tenure filled with various investigative and supervisory accomplishments.

Training and Expertise

Throughout his extensive career, Bruce has been deeply involved in law enforcement training. His experiences have equipped him with a profound understanding of tactics and target hardening strategies, particularly in the context of school emergency management and response. At School Safety Operations Inc., Bruce leverages his vast knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of safer educational environments, ensuring that schools are well-prepared to manage and respond to emergencies effectively.

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Trusted by Many School Districts

POOL/PACT is a non-profit self-insured risk pool in Nevada with 15 school district members. For many years, we have relied on Jeff and School Safety Operations, to not only conduct hazard vulnerability assessments, but assist our members with writing required annual Emergency Operations Plans. His training and insight relating to pre-incident planning, training, and target hardening in schools is central to our focus.

Marshall Smith – Risk Manager POOL/PACT