Evolution of School Safety Operations Training Programs

History of School Safety Operations Conferences

In the past, School Safety Operations (SSO) collaborated with Safer Schools Together to organize multi-day school safety conferences. These events, coordinated under the International School Safety Institute, featured leading experts discussing proactive school safety topics.

Impact of COVID-19 on Training Methods

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 led to a significant shift in training formats. In-person conferences and training sessions were suspended for about two years, making remote and virtual training the new norm for various industries, including education safety.

School Safety Operations Training Programs and Workshops

Challenges and Adaptations in the Current Training Landscape

Budget Constraints and Increased Costs

The pandemic’s aftermath saw school districts and businesses reducing training budgets, particularly for travel and lodging expenses associated with conferences. Moreover, increased prices in travel, lodging, and conference facilities have made attending such events financially challenging for many school district staff.

Ineffectiveness of Virtual Training

SSO Inc. acknowledges that virtual presentations for school safety and emergency management are less effective compared to in-person training. Recognizing the financial strain on training programs, SSO Inc. is committed to continuing education despite these challenges.

New Training Approaches by School Safety Operations Inc.

Interactive and Hands-On Learning

Attendee feedback indicates a preference for interactive, hands-on training over traditional lectures and vendor sales pitches. SSO Inc. is ready to meet this demand with adult-based learning that includes practical exercises and actionable takeaways.

Regional Workshops for Accessibility and Cost-Effectiveness

To make quality training more accessible and affordable, SSO Inc. will host one and two-day workshops in various regions. This approach aims to reduce travel and lodging expenses while allowing more staff members to participate.

Focus on Effective Learning Methods

SSO Inc. believes in engaging participants actively in the learning process. The motto “If we tell you, you’ll forget. If we show you, you’ll remember. If we engage you, you’ll understand.” underlines the importance of hands-on learning for emergency response training.

Scheduling and Customization Options

Workshop Schedules and Requests

The schedule for upcoming workshops will be available on the SSO Inc. website. Schools or districts interested in hosting a workshop in their area can contact SSO Inc. directly through the website.

In-House Training Workshops

SSO Inc. offers to conduct workshops directly at schools or district facilities. This method is cost-effective, allowing customization of tabletop exercises to the specific environment. Hosting workshops on scheduled staff training days further reduces costs.

Future Plans and Contact Information

Balancing Conferences and Regional Workshops

While SSO Inc. plans to continue hosting multi-day conferences in the future, the current focus is on regional workshops. This strategy aims to maximize the reach and impact of their training programs.

Contact for Workshop Inquiries

In conclusion, SSO Inc. is adapting its training methods to meet the evolving needs of schools and districts, ensuring that safety training remains effective, accessible, and affordable.