Addressing Internal Challenges in Schools and School Districts

Understanding Internal Threats in Businesses and Schools

All businesses, including school districts, can face internal issues such as criminal behavior or actions that contribute to a hostile work environment. While these issues might not initially qualify for a criminal investigation by law enforcement, they still need to be thoroughly investigated to prevent potential liabilities.

The Risk of Inadequate Investigation

If these internal matters are not properly investigated, schools or districts may face liabilities for allowing harmful behaviors to persist. This is particularly critical in cases that involve criminal activities, such as internal theft or crimes of moral turpitude, which can lead to significant financial losses or severe harm to the institution and victims.

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SSO’s Role in Internal Investigations

Expertise of HGWT Investigations

SSO Inc. offers internal criminal and civil investigations through HGWT Investigations, licensed in California (PI89254). For clients outside California, SSO Inc. collaborates with private investigator firms in other states. Their investigators, with a minimum of 20 years in law enforcement, specialize in confidential internal investigations in educational settings.

Challenges with Human Resources-Led Investigations

Most internal investigations in schools are conducted by Human Resources staff who may lack the necessary investigative experience for comprehensive inquiries. These in-house investigations can sometimes appear biased or incomplete, potentially leading to issues if the investigation turns into a criminal prosecution.

Ensuring Fair and Effective Investigation Processes

Advantages of External Investigators

Employing experienced outside investigators ensures impartiality and respects the rights of the individuals being investigated. It upholds the standard of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, ensuring no biased outcomes and a thorough examination of all facts.

Collaborative Approach with Human Resources

SSO Inc. investigators work in tandem with the school’s Human Resources Department, maintaining confidentiality throughout the investigation. They provide a detailed report upon conclusion, which can be used for exoneration, criminal referrals, or internal disciplinary actions.

The Impact of SSO Inc. Investigations

Addressing Various Criminal Behaviors

SSO Inc. has successfully supported internal investigations and criminal prosecutions for a range of crimes, from employee theft to sex crimes. Importantly, their investigations have also exonerated falsely accused staff members.

Protecting Rights and Careers

The use of skilled investigators ensures due process and proper handling of allegations, safeguarding the careers and reputations of school staff.

Contact Information for Investigation Services

Inquiries for Investigative Services

For more information on HGWT Investigations and internal investigative processes, interested parties can contact SSO Inc. through this website. This service provides a crucial resource for schools and districts needing professional assistance in navigating sensitive internal issues.