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About Us

School Safety Operations Inc. (SSO Inc.), headquartered in San Marcos, California, with a satellite office in Tampa, Florida, is a leader in school safety and emergency management consulting. Since our inception in 2010, we have been dedicated to assisting both private and public schools throughout the United States and Canada. Our focus is on comprehensive emergency management planning and training, tailored to meet the unique needs of each educational institution we serve.

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Our range of services includes conducting Hazard and Vulnerability Assessments to strengthen infrastructure, developing All-Hazards Standardized School Emergency Operations Plans, evaluating school culture and safety programs, and providing extensive staff training in emergency response. Our goal is to ensure that schools are prepared to handle emergencies effectively and efficiently.

Founder’s Background

SSO Inc. was founded by Jeff Kaye, a seasoned professional with a distinguished 25-year law enforcement career with the Reno, NV Police Department. Following his tenure in law enforcement, Jeff served as Director of Security and Safety for a large K-12 public school district in Southern California. His deep understanding of safety and emergency management, rooted in real-world experience, serves as the cornerstone of SSO Inc.’s mission and approach.

Empowering Immediate Responders: SSO’s Proactive Approach

SSO Inc. is dedicated to empowering school staff to effectively respond to emergencies, acknowledging their pivotal role as Immediate Responders to enhance school safety.

  • Tailored Training Programs: Designed to equip staff with the skills and knowledge to provide immediate support during emergencies.

  • Focus on Life Safety: Prioritizing the enhancement of life safety in schools through proactive preparation and response strategies.

  • Critical Role Acknowledgment: Recognizing and supporting the vital contributions of school staff in the initial moments of an emergency.


Trusted by Many School Districts

POOL/PACT is a non-profit self-insured risk pool in Nevada with 15 school district members. For many years, we have relied on Jeff and School Safety Operations, to not only conduct hazard vulnerability assessments, but assist our members with writing required annual Emergency Operations Plans. His training and insight relating to pre-incident planning, training, and target hardening in schools is central to our focus.

Marshall Smith – Risk Manager POOL/PACT

Our Philosophy – Beyond Products: A Focus on Preparedness

School Safety Preparedness

Unlike traditional vendors in the field, SSO Inc. does not sell products. Instead, we engage in thorough market research to identify the most effective safety products and programs. Our aim is to guide schools in optimizing their funding and assist in securing grants or bonds for infrastructure enhancement and training.

Our Mission – “Prepare Today to Survive Tomorrow”

Comprehensive School Safety Training Programs for Educators & Staff - School Safety Operations

Our motto encapsulates our commitment to enhancing school safety. Each consultant at SSO Inc. is dedicated to bringing their expertise to bear on the safety challenges schools face, working tirelessly to improve safety and preparedness one school at a time.

Your School’s Safety is Our Priority

Let us guide you through the complexities of safety compliance and best practices. Together, we can create a safer, more secure future for everyone in your institution.

Expertise and Experience

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises consultants who each bring over 20 years of law enforcement expertise and at least 2 years of school safety experience. This unique blend of skills and experience enables us to craft emergency management plans and training programs that are not only effective but also specifically designed for the educational environment.

Jeff Kaye

Founder & CEO

Jeff Winkler

Consultant + Trainer

Bruce Kirby

Consultant + Trainer