Bridging the Gaps in School Safety

Jeff Winkler

About Jeff Winkler

Jeff Winkler is an esteemed consultant and trainer at School Safety Operations Inc. (SSO Inc.), where his roles encompass Project Manager, Team Leader, and Lead Trainer for various projects across California and Florida. Jeff embarked on his journey with SSO Inc. in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience from a distinguished law enforcement career.

Law Enforcement Background

Jeff’s professional legacy includes an impressive 31-year tenure with the Drug Enforcement Administration, where he distinguished himself as a senior team leader. His leadership was integral to one of the federal law enforcement’s most active and successful tactical teams, specializing in high-risk operations across the United States. Jeff’s profound expertise in critical incident management, tactical operation planning, and implementation has been pivotal in his career.

Educational Achievements and Specializations

With an M.S. in Education, Jeff has furthered his commitment to safety and preparedness through specialized training and certifications. He is an accredited instructor in several key areas, including active shooter response, handling armed and barricaded suspects, primary tactical and firearms instruction, and martial arts self-defense, boasting an 8th-degree Master Certification in San Soo.

Facility and Security Assessments

Jeff’s extensive experience is not limited to tactical operations. He has conducted thorough facility and terrain assessments for thousands of locations, ranging from law enforcement environments to educational institutions. His expertise in target hardening methodologies ensures that each assessment provides actionable insights for enhancing safety and security.

Leadership in Safety and Security

In addition to his role at SSO Inc., Jeff serves as the president of Sifu Safety and Security. His work in executive protection further underscores his comprehensive understanding of security measures and personal safety strategies, making him a trusted figure in both the law enforcement and school safety communities.

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Trusted by Many School Districts

POOL/PACT is a non-profit self-insured risk pool in Nevada with 15 school district members. For many years, we have relied on Jeff and School Safety Operations, to not only conduct hazard vulnerability assessments, but assist our members with writing required annual Emergency Operations Plans. His training and insight relating to pre-incident planning, training, and target hardening in schools is central to our focus.

Marshall Smith – Risk Manager POOL/PACT